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Jamie is the true embodiment of the sacred feminine, pure love and light. Through these qualities, her intuitive gifts and with her extensive background knowledge and training in a multitude of holistic wellness areas of study, she is truly an amazing healer and guide. I had a life reading session with Jamie, and it was very healing and insightful. I would highly recommend a life reading session to anyone looking to gain deeper clarity on the energetics of what's going on in your current life as well as clarity on what areas of healing are needed to break through into your best life, which Jamie is able to gently identify for you. Thank you Jamie <3
— Alyse G.

Jamie is an intuitive and nurturing practitioner. Her Craniosacral Session is transformational! Her Nutrition Counselling is in depth and motivating.

— Jodeyn G.

My first journey into Craniosacral Healing was guided by the beautiful Jamie Lee Mock. Jamie used a most gentle and sensitive touch and created the safety for me to trust and release into the healing space of her work. Jamie’s grounded energy and illuminating light transferred into my body and supported my own energy flow with ease and comfort. She was able to aid me in alleviating the tension headache I was experiencing. The overall lasting feeling I had was warm and feeling fully connected to my body as well as all the tension and stress had drained away. I highly recommend Jamie for deep and gentle healing. She is a angel with intuitive and gifted healing abilities.

— Lily T.

I recently have had a couple sessions with Jamie Lee. She has so much wisdom and kindness and an amazing healing touch.

— Joleen S.

The service Jamie is providing is really a gift from the Gods. Just to spend time with her is a blessing. I would recommend her service without any hesitation. Book a session you will not be disappointed!
— Nicolas C.

I wasn’t sure what to expect after being recommended to try Craniosacral by a friend. Any nerves I had were settled the moment I was welcomed into Jaime Lee's healing space. Her genuine compassion, in-depth expertise, and gentle voice and demeanour instilled a sense of calm in me I hadn’t previously experienced, even in meditation. My body is moving freely and my mind is clear. Both are clear of tension and I can’t wait until my next session with Jamie Lee.

— Rylee L.

The most beautiful and amazing soul! Truly an amazing life reading and holistic nutrition consult. Took so much personally and emotionally from both sessions!

— Kara S.

In rough shape physically, I often seek deep tissue and chiropractic treatments to alleviate the strain and discomfort built up from my job. The gentleness and subtleness of Jamie’s [Craniosacral] session not only provided release of physical pain that was burdening me, it provided relief of mental and emotional tension I was unconsciously carrying in those problem areas. She followed up by providing water, insight and understanding, giving recommendations that has created positive change in my awareness and wellness.

— Steven Q.

Clarity, calmness and regeneration are just some of the feelings I experience when receiving Craniosacral Therapy from Jamie Lee. The genuine natural beauty and caring that Jamie Lee exudes is overwhelmingly present from start to finish, tip to toe.

— Art G.